Bemberg®, the Most Advanced Fiber in the World in the Field of Linings. It was developed between the late 19th century and the early 20th century in Germany to replace silk fiber. Over time, Bemberg® fiber, the commercial name for cupro, has proven to be irreplaceable in the field of high-end tailoring linings, having unique characteristics such as durability, color fastness, high hygroscopicity, natural antistatic properties, and last but not least, complete biodegradability because it is made from a natural material, cotton linter - the fluff around the cotton seed.

For your most valuable garments, don't settle for generic viscose or even worse, polyester linings, ask your tailor exclusively for Bemberg® lining.

You can find on our website the best quality of 100% Bemberg®, yarn dyed, in twill and taffeta versions, in a renewed color range and all made in Italy.